Friday, May 6, 2011

Workout Buddy

I have always heard how much it helps to have someone to work out with, and now I see why. My friend, Jenny, is training for the Half-Marathon with me and I can't believe how much better it is to run with a friend. Not only is the run more enjoyable and fun, but you have so much more accountability. When my alarm goes off in the morning I don't have to ask myself, "should I run today?" My decision is already made and I know that Jenny will be on her way to my house within a few minutes. I am so excited to have a friend to accomplish this goal with.

Also, if you want to exercise consistently, I think it is SO IMPORTANT to have a goal to work towards. Some people are motivated simply by their love of exercise, but for many of us, that is not enough. I've been surprised at how my view of running has changed. I don't think of it as just "going for a run." I think of it as getting one step closer to my goal. If you think of yourself as an athlete in training, I believe you are more likely to stick to your goals and stay motivated.