Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Goals

So the Half-Marathon was really fun and exciting! I loved it. I didn't reach my goal weight beforehand, but that's OK. I have new goals now. First of all, I definitely want to run another Half soon and Nate wants to do it with me. There is one here in Spokane on October 9th, but the problem is that it's on a Sunday. I'm trying to decide if I should do that or not. I think I will try to find one that's on a Saturday.

I've set a new weight goal, so I updated my ticker at the top. I had a major "Ah ha" moment a couple days ago after finally realizing how tired I am of dieting. Seriously. I have always known that people need to make permanent lifestyle changes if they want to lose weight and keep it off, but it finally clicked with me. I don't want to gain and lose the same 10+ pounds throughout my life. I have to start making changes that I know I can stick with. I usually make drastic cuts in my calories, lose 5-7 pounds pretty fast, and then get really tired of restricting myself and then gain the weight back. Annoying.

So my new goal is to make smaller, more sensible changes and hopefully I won't feel like I'm constantly dieting anymore.