Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eating Clean... again

So, I haven't been paying much attention to nutrition lately (see last post), which makes me feel awful since I am pregnant and all. But the past few days I have been re-reading The Eat Clean Diet and looking through the Eat Clean Cookbook. Its good stuff, folks. I really miss eating that way.

The books motivate you to eat as healthy as you can, even if you're not eating "clean" all the time. Just looking through the cookbook is motivating. Everything is so fresh and natural.

I'm not gonna lie, it is hard work because it is so different from the way that most of us eat (lots of fat, sugar, and processed foods). But its worth the effort, even if you can't give it 100%.

I'm going to start trying more of the recipes and I will post the best ones here as I go. Good luck to you all in your efforts to be healthy.

There are thousands of clean recipes out there, but these are just a few from, which is a magazine based on the Eat Clean Diet.

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

Citrus-ginger Salad

Berry Yogury Parfait

Walnut-crusted Salmon

Packed Pasta