Friday, August 24, 2012


Up until last week, I was not able to stick to my healthy goals after I first posted almost 2 months ago. I love to eat. And I especially love to eat cookies and ice cream. So... yeah. You can imagine that losing weight is difficult when you are pretty much addicted to certain unhealthy foods.

But last week something just clicked. I finally got really tired of not fitting into all of my clothes. I have only been able to wear a few things (over and over) since I had Halle and the last thing I want to do is go buy a bunch of bigger clothes.

I started eating clean again and now I feel so hopeful that I will be able to lose this weight and feel better about myself. I have lost 4 pounds in about a week. That's a lot for one week, but I know it will slow down as I keep going. Eating clean makes me feel at peace with myself. When I'm able to cut out sweets and other junk, and focus on eating as healthy as possible, I just feel so proud of myself. It's also helping me to fix a problem I've been having with depression.

After I had Halle, I definitely felt depressed for a while. I am actually feeling a lot better now, but it was really tough for the first 3 months. I think it was a combination of:

1. Postpardum hormones
2. The stress of having 3 kids (especially a newborn)
3. Nate being gone a lot for work 

It has been really, really hard. But I'm finally feeling better about life. I think eating healthy and exercising are mandatory for my mental health. So as long as I can keep up this healthier lifestyle, things will be good! :)