Friday, January 18, 2013


This is me today. I will try to post pictures pretty regularly, as I see progress.
Notice the belly. It's gotta go. Along with the extra large chest region.
Paige just had to make herself known. Of course. :)


Shannon said...

"Notice the belly" you say. Here's what I notice: super skinny arms, super skinny legs, awesome rack. I do understand the desire to tone the tummy. That seems to be my area too. I never feel thin if my tummy's not flat. But I have to remind myself that there is a difference between not skinny and not toned. You are super skinny. And after 3 kids. Way to rock it. I love the before pictures, you are so beautiful and Paige is darling as always. Good luck with your weight loss. I always laugh when large chested women want to lose weight there. For the rest of us "a" cups out there, it's the first first first place we lose. And I weep every time.

Emily Alexander said...

I want to lose my belly too. But food is so yummy. I'm in a constant battle. I'm going to go make a green smoothie to motivate me. Good luck Ash!

sarah said...

So what is your plan? Are you doing it at home or a gym? end goal? 'm needing some motivation too :)

Ashley C said...

Hey Sarah! I posted my goals and what I'm doing to lose weight a few days ago. It's right here:

I quit my gym, and I'm just working out at home. I had the hardest time making it to the gym for some reason. I plan on doing a half marathon this summer. I think Jenny wants to also. So... you have to join us too! :) I don't know if you're interested, but it would be awesome.

Stephanie said...

I am going to join you! I need to prepare for the half marathon by running a lot and doing other cardio like biking and elliptical machine. But eating is the key I think to making the fat truly fall off. I have gained 10 pounds just from the holidays. Unfortunately I have the same belly fat without having had any kids! Not good. So here's to our summer beach bods!

Plus I plan on getting married sometime soon and need to fit into my dress or I will always regret it.

Ashley C said...

Yeah, Steph! Join me! It always helps me when I know that someone else is going through the same thing. I would say a wedding dress is some major motivation. Good luck!